5 Tips for Using DIY Images to Engage Potential Customers for Your Small Business

A great way for small business owners to engage potential customers is through the use of stunning, engaging images. Choosing the right images for your digital presence, whether on your brand’s website, in your email marketing, or on your social media profiles - will greatly assist in telling your story and engaging your potential customer. Photos can tell your potential customer something in a fraction of a second – much faster than forcing them to read lengthy text.

So what exactly constitutes great imagery for a small business to use online? Start off by defining your message. What would you like to be able to quickly communicate to customers using photos and images?

Restaurant Owner Taking iPhone Photos of Menu Items

Subject matter, context and quality will help reinforce the message you’re trying to send through imagery. The subject matter of your images should relate to your key message. The context helps reinforce the message. But most importantly, you should only use high quality images, especially when it comes to shooting the products or services that you offer. An image can make or break your ability to capture a potential customer’s attention, engage them, and persuade them to consider your business to buy the goods they want or hire for the services they need.

Am I saying you need to hire out an expensive professional photographer to do a high-end photo shoot for every social media post? No, not necessarily. If you have the budget to invest in exceptional professional photography support, great, we have a few referrals for you! But if marketing dollars are tight, as with many small businesses, it is possible to get a great shot using just your iPhone.

5 Tips for the DIY Photographer Behind Your Small Business

Here are a few tips for the do-it-yourself small business owner turned semi-professional mobile device photographer on capturing great images that you can use on your site and in social media:

  1. Lighting is key. Your mobile device cannot shoot well in low-light, so don’t even think about it! Natural light is always best so use it to your advantage.
  2. Avoid clutter, keep it simple, and try to focus on one subject matter. Make the thing you’re shooting the absolute star of the photo.
  3. For goodness’ sake don’t zoom in with your mobile device! You’ll lose a ton of image quality. Instead, you can achieve depth-of-field with a mobile device… just get a little closer.
  4. Third party apps can be your friend. With a multitude of options available you can edit and filter until you get that perfect lens flare or beach tan look you’ve been dreaming of.
  5. Take LOTS of photos with many different angles. If you get one good photo out of a hundred, you are on track! Give yourself some options.

Florist Shooting DIY Photos of Bouquets

Now, what to do with those awesome images you shot? Less is more! You do not need hundreds or even dozens of images. You need a few GREAT ones. Once you have fantastic images to work with, you could embed them in content marketing pieces to publish blogs or pages on your site that draw in new customers through the search results, or you can use them in your next email marketing blast to capture people’s imaginations through their inboxes, or you could share them via social media posts to engage your community in conversation!

A Real Example of Great Images in Action

Let’s share an example! If you own a barbershop, like our friends at M. Boss Barber & Salon in Columbia, MO, you wouldn’t want a dingy, blurry image looking across the parking lot at your strip mall location beside the burger joint to try and attract customers to your hip new barber shop, would you? Of course not!

Instead, how about an image of a cute kid right after a fresh trim?

Young Boy at Barber Shop with Fake Mustache

Photo credit, M.Boss Barber and Salon 2016. Shot on an iPhone 6.

Or maybe a barber proudly displaying his workstation?

Professional Barber in Columbia, MO at Barbershop

Photo credit: M.Boss Barber and Salon 2016. Shot on an iPhone 6.

These clearly capture the vibrant personality of the barbershop and are very visually engaging and enticing for customers to take a closer look at what the business has to offer.

Now that we have these fantastic images to capture people’s attention and get them excited about the barbershop, you can be sure that these images will get published on the brand’s website, used in social media, shared through email marketing, and other marketing efforts online and off.

Make the Most of Your Images Online

Need help getting your imagery on lock for your digital marketing efforts, or finding out how to use your fantastic images to bring in new customers? Contact Tentacle Inbound today to learn more.

Adam Voight
Multimedia Specialist at Tentacle Inbound, LLC
Adam Voight is a multimedia professional based in Columbia, Missouri. He specializes in real estate marketing and all things rock 'n roll.

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