Infinity Percent (∞%) Increase in Google Analytics

Saw this in Google Analytics today.

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Google Analytics ∞% Infinity Percent Increase

I can't recall what they put in place of this percentage before, can anyone else remember? I vaguely recall that it wasn't an accurate mathematical representation of an increase in traffic from 0 to whatever volume. I think it treated the 0 like a 1. So a jump from 0 visits to 1000 visits would read as a 1000% increase. It looks like GA has taken to putting "infinity percent," aka "∞%" when traffic volume jumps from 0.

Is anyone else seeing this? Is this old news? No idea how new/old this is, but I don't recall seeing it last Friday. Thought I'd share!

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Heather Physioc
Heather Physioc is a Kansas City inbound marketer, and President of Tentacle Inbound, LLC. Tentacle Inbound offers services in digital marketing, website development and design, and more. Connect with Heather on Twitter.

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  1. I’m noticing this as well. Google is dividing by zero -_-yy

    This is something common in mathematics but is useless in practice. Is it appropriate to divide the traffic by one instead, to get an actual number? I need more concrete information when reporting on two time ranges.

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