Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? We here at Tentacle Inbound do, too! So through our 3Hearts Initiative, we're donating time, resources, and money to three Kansas City local non-profits who are doing remarkable things for our area.

Giving back to the community that has given so much to us is incredibly important to our team. Every month, we donate our time to locally-based nonprofit organizations in need. We also donate a percentage of our revenue to charities during special months. In addition, our team regularly volunteers our personal time at various local organizations to lend helping hands where they are needed most. Here are some of the causes closest to our hearts.


SocialHeart aims to improve our community by donating every penny the organization raises to various local charities throughout the Kansas City metro area. In five short years of event planning and volunteering, the group has raised more than $100,000 for local charities. Social Heart is 100% volunteer managed, with the goal of creating a better community by supporting all local charities through fun, unique fundraising events, social media promotions, and volunteer support. Learn more about how you can help through volunteering, donating, or attending a signature SocialHeart event at Social-Heart.org.



Diapers are a basic health need for babies, but are not covered by any safety net or assistance program such as food stamps (SNAP), WIC, or Medicaid.The cost of diapers can absorb over 10% of low income family's monthly budget. In the Kansas City community, the most requested item by families at social service agencies is diapers. Since 2009, HappyBottoms has helped to fill that need. HappyBottoms partners with local agencies who identify need in the community and distribute our diapers to qualified families as part of their wraparound social services. To learn more about donating your unused diapers, volunteering, or helping fund the bulk purchase of diapers for families in need, visit HappyBottoms.org.

HALO Foundation

The HALO Foundation, based in Kansas City, empowers youth in the greatest need to become contributing members of their communities. Their volunteer-driven, grassroots approach helps provide food, water, shelter, clothing, education, art therapy, caretakers, vocational training and college for youth in need around the globe. Learn more about how you can help through volunteering or donation at HALOWorldwide.org.